Basic Multimedia Storytelling


This class made me fall in love with storytelling all over again and has quickly become my favorite class to teach. Storytelling is so core to who we are as people and central to what the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications is all about. I view my role in this course as not only an instructor but a cheerleader, reminding students in the classroom that the most essential story of all is their own and the importance of sharing it with others. Storytelling is king and translates into everything we teach at Newhouse, from a newspaper story of an African immigrant to the brand of Nike. 



  • View the class blog I created at  
  • Leading the web design evolution of the course curriculum. 
  • Leveraged the third year review letter to better focus my efforts in the classroom. 
  • Developed an Instructor Assistant (IA) weekly responsibilities checklist. 
  • Leveraged to help manage resources and tutorials for student access. 


  • 32 students per class. 
  • Freshman & Sophomores; often their first college class experience. 
  • Required class for all Newhouse students. 
  • Technology taught: Final Cut Pro X and the use of the Wordpress Content Management System. 


  • Distinguish among different kinds of stories, think critically about them and understand their messages. 
  • Identify and use the underlying universal themes in stories. 
  • Identify the characteristics, themes, structures and components of a good story. 
  • Analyze stories and their structures in a variety of media. 
  • Plan and design your stories through concept statement, outlines, scripts, storyboards, etc. 
  • Capture images and sounds that will tell your story. 
  • Edit images and sounds to create a cohesive, compelling story. 
  • Learn the basics of web design and blogging as ways to tell stories. 
  • Work as a member of a collaborative team.



My central role in the COM117 curriculum evolution has been in the area of web design, as part of the first class project, a Public Service Announcement campaign. I have led efforts of focusing on the base concepts of information architecture and social marketing, leaving behind the previous project requirement of producing a polished Photoshop mockup of their PSA project site. This has proven to clear the air and has allowed students to better understand the importance of how information flows and its importance in conveying the intended message. 



Public Service Announcement Campaign 

The Pubic Service Announcement campaign (PSA) project is the first of three group projects that introduces the students to the basics of storytelling through the lens of producing a PSA campaign. This campaign consists of each student individually producing one of three unique PSA videos under a single campaign along with a group produced website design. Each group then presents their campaign to the class using Apple Keynote. 


Non-Fiction Story

As part of a new group, students research and produce a non-fiction story. Each student pitches their own concept to their colleagues and one is chosen and then co-produced by the group. Individual students choose a specific production role of either a producer, videographer/editor or audio and graphic designer. 


Fiction Story – Music Video

 As part of a new group students produce a 2–4 minute music video story. Each student pitches their own concept for a music video story of which one is chosen and then co-produced by the group.