Community Artist Stock Agency

(CASA) was meant to offer people in developing-world communities the opportunity to learn visual communication skills, to photograph the social, economic, political and health issues in their communities and to create a sustainable economic model that will bring money back to the artist and her/his community through a not-for-profit stock agency. 

With funding from The Newhouse School I flew to Liberia to start the first phase of the project with two Liberian artists, Leslie Lumeh and David Wolobah. 

While there, I was able to train each participant on the importance of online marketing and how to keep their site up-to-date.

  • Retired pilot project, sites still live 
  • In collaboration with UNC Asst. Professor Chad Stevens and former Media Storm's Pam Chen.
  • Precursor to Together Liberia; 
  • Designed, developed and hosted custom Wordpress site 
  • Photographed their work 
  • View short video interview on the meaning of art by Leslie Lumeh. 
  • View the project parent site 
  • View artist site 
  • View artist site