Together Liberia

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Together Liberia is a pilot media development project intended to empower local communicators to share their own stories through training, equipment donations and relationship building.

Together Liberia is comprised of professors and students from 5 US universities with the
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications serving as the anchor institution. Other institutions included Duke University, University of North Carolina, University of Oregon and the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Together Liberia created teams to train Liberian students and professionals in storytelling, photography, media ethics, multimedia and web design. Over the course of nearly three months the US team leadership tested different approaches to training, making adjustments throughout the summer, building a knowledge base of “best practices” for future projects while benefiting current participants and trainers. 


What really got me interested is that you get to meet a lot of people, feel the experiences of a lot of people, to listen to their stories and to tell them to the rest of the world.
Clarence Nah


  • To strengthen the reporting and technical skills of the Liberian media
  • To enhance the political awareness of Liberian citizens
  • National and international distribution through print, radio and web


  • Cross training for Liberian and American institution project participants
  • Website and content management system
  • Multimedia content available to an array of outlets in Liberia and abroad
  • StoryCorps style audio tent
  • All material released through Creative Commons Attribute Licence 3.0.





  • 5 US based academic institutions
  • 5 Liberian academic/media institutions
  • 5 US student participants 
  • 21 “StoryCorps” conversations produced 
  • 19 participant stories produced 
  • 24 participants trained
  • 10,222+ page views
  • $20,000 new/used communication equipment donated
  • $51,000 total shared project expenses, less donated equipment
  • 4 Liberian publication partners
  • 2 international publication partners
  • 1 project documentary created 
  • 2 music videos created
  • 15 video shorts created
  • 5 Websites created
  • 2 Facebook page created 
  • 2 newsroom digital image workflows created
  • 1 Twitter page Created



Together Liberia is the brain child of Newhouse School Asst. Professor Ken Harper and Center for Peace, Democracy & Development Executive Director Michael Keating, who have been travelling to Liberia for several years. Ken has been involved in several Liberian media training initiatives and believes that an emphasis on personalized, human-to-human training would be more effective.