Military Visual Journalism



The Newhouse School Military Visual Journalism Program teaches active-duty military personnel photojournalism and broadcast journalism. The Military Photojournalism (MPJ) and Military Motion Media (MMM) programs consist of students from the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force. These enlisted service members have been serving as mass communication specialists, combat photographers and military journalists. They come to the Newhouse School for ten months to learn how to become better storytellers. 

The primary goal of this course is the understanding and implementation of good design to further the user’s ability to access and connect with content online. The medium is not the message, the message is the message! This course is meant to cultivate an environment of creativity, experimentation and learning. 

The course emphasizes design, information architecture, interactivity, communication and unique/ progressive multimedia assets; and guides students along the cutting edge interactive communication. During the spring semester the Newhouse Military Motion Media [MMM] and Photojournalism students [MPJ] converge to produce a multimedia project and accompanying website for their chosen topic. Each group researched and shot their respective stories for their multimedia and broadcast classes while simultaneously developing the site.


  • View major project sites at (offline), &
  • View the parent, umbrella site that I personally created in 2010, 
  • Student projects won several national awards, see below for details. 
  • Co-taught with another professor each year, I taught the 15 Military Photojournalism(MPJ) students while the other professor taught the Military Motion Media students (MMM). 
  • The Newhouse Military Visual Journalism program teaching active duty personnel. 
  • The course was first assigned a prefix of GRA500 and then was shifted to GRA447. 
  • Created the first content Management System driven project site for Newhouse, using Drupal 
  • Created the first parent site (main site) for the Newhouse Military Visual Program to archive all work and develop an online “yearbook” of all students. 
  • I co-evolved course to include Content Management System training, use and theme development. 
  • Included the use of cutting edge online web design tools such as, &
  • Students created national award winning sites. 


  • Students from all branches of the active duty military. 
  • Many students have had little to no college experience. 
  • 30 total students, 15 in my section.




  • To expose you to the framework of web design and development at basic and intermediate levels. 
  • To provide knowledge and expertise in developing for the web using XHTML & CSS and Content Management Systems, and to expose you at a basic level to web technologies that enhance user experiences such as Flash and jQuery. 
  • To have a clear grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and usability standards used in the development of web sites. 
  • To foster your ability to critically analyze web sites and their functionality. Your power as an effective communicator is directly correlated with your ability to understand and critique the power of visual and verbal messages. With your eyes open you can see the impact of web design and functionality on our everyday lives. 
  • To complete a fully functional web site for the class project that showcases your work telling stories about the current state of health care. 
  • To give you the tools to be able to develop and design your own web site.



I was able to persuade the Newhouse School that the use of a Content Management System (CMS) would insure ease of future productions, access to modern online tools such as commenting and search, added site security and a system for archiving past and future years’ content. This was the first year that all project content was brought into a CMS and an archival site architecture was developed. 

My role was to educate students on the industry best practices for developing complete information architecture documents, functionality specification and UI design packages for use in Drupal themes. I employed leading online tools to speed the process and sponsor collaboration. 

Subsequently, Drupal was chosen as the CMS for the latest revision of the site.


AWARDS, Working in 2012 

Society of News Design 

Honorable Mention, “Mini-Site/Special Section Of A News Website” | 2013, Changing America

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 

Second Place, “Best of the Web” | 2012