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Mae Azango is an award winning  journalist for FrontPage Africa and a New Narratives fellow. Photo by Ken Harper


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In 2012 I joined New Narratives as the Director of Digital and Visual Media.  New Narratives’ (NN) is a non-profit organization helping media deliver independent, truthful information to its people so they can make smart decisions about their countries’ politics and resources, while keeping leaders accountable. NN spreads innovations and ideas people can use to improve their own lives without relying on aid.


In our pilot country Liberia, NN’s reporters have raised issue after issue that has never been covered before sparking debate and action by government, international agencies and Liberians at home and abroad. Our reporting has: forced government to come out with its first public stand against female genital cutting; prompted programs to tackle teenage prostitution, child labor, drug trafficking and teen pregnancy; exposed police abuse of rape victims and forced the arrest of perpetrators; brought down corrupt government figures and prompted fines on foreign companies breaching deals with local people.

I am a journalist because there are a lot of people suffering. Who hears them? No one, unless I go and record their voices.
— Mae Azango – NN Fellow

Basic Facts

  • Partners with FrontPage Africa and other Liberian media institutions. 
  • Asked to be the the first director of digital &
    visual media. 
  • Currently working on redesign of FrontPage Africa print and web publications with Newhouse Post-Conflict fellow, Chase Walker, and Newhouse Adjunct Professor, Claudia Strong. 
  • Created the first Newhouse post-conflict visiting scholar and New Narratives fellow, Chase Walker
  • Donated 3 retired Macbook Pro laptops to New Narratives fellows and FrontPage Africa 

What We Created




(L to R) Students Jim Tuttle, Kristina Subsara, Jessica Suarez and journalist Clair MacDougall interview Liberian journalist Tecee Boley in Monrovia, Liberia.


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