for the Twenty-first Century


The course involved SU and seven other journalism schools (North Carolina, Northwestern, USC, Berkeley, Columbia, Arizona State and Maryland) contributing teams of 10 each to this project, plus a dozen or so students participating from Texas, Nebraska, Harvard and Missouri. These eight teams tackled individual reporting projects with the support of the Knight and Carnegie foundations for the News21 Initiative on the Future of Journalism. 

The project is broadly defined as “American Tapestry” — how the country’s changing demographics affect the present and future. What we produced – and how we produced it – was defined by the fellows during the spring semester of 2009 and 2010. 

I taught the design portion of the Newhouse School’s News21 seminar for two years, 25 weeks each for each session. During my tenure I was able to help facilitate two wonderful projects, Young and the Wireless and Apart From War. These were two different projects with their own challenges and fulfilling outcomes. During both of these projects we were able to utilize industry best practices in website development and content management with the Drupal Content management system.


  • Visit final project sites &
  • I was part of a three teacher team, myself acting as the web and interactive design instructor. 
  • Part of a multiple university, national initiative to train future journalists. 
  • Funded by The Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. 
  • Intended to push the boundaries of online storytelling while demanding excellence. 
  • Apart From War site technology featured on site,
  • Won several national awards, see awards section of this document.
  • All video and still images released under a Creative Commons license. 



  • 10 students, one from another participating school. 
  • Three instructors. 
  • Lab environment to promote innovation. 
  • Grant funded.



  • Develop multimedia skills beyond your own expertise. 
  • Explore alternative storytelling, and experiment with it. 
  • Burnish your research skills by helping set the direction of the project . 
  • Learn team leadership skills by working in small groups. 
  • Build your portfolio by producing professional-level work. 
  • Experience the possibilities and responsibilities of a paid internship.



YOUNG AND THE WIRELESS | 09 Young and the Wireless was the first site I worked on for the Newhouse School News21 three year project. I worked with News21 Fellow, Brian Dawson, to conceptualize and construct the site that would house all the content produced that summer. 

APART FROM WAR | 10 In the spring and summer of 2010 I worked with News21 Fellow, David Miller, to once again conceptualize and produce that year’s site, Apart From War. We had the advantage of past experiences and realized that we needed to be methodical about our approach to building the experience. We worked closely with our development team at McCormick and Winter to closely follow the real-world design to development process.



Apart From War

Society of News Design

Commendation, Section/Topic Presentation, under 50,000, Pro Division | 2011 


Society of News Design

Commendation, Use of Multimedia, student division | 2011 


Society of Professional Journalists

National Winer, Online In-Depth Reporting | 2011 


Online News Awards

Finalist, Multimedia Feature Presentation, Small Site | 2011 


Best of Digital News Design

First Place, Information Graphics, David Miller, student division | 2011 


Best of Digital News Design

First Place, Team Journalism | 2011 


College Photographer of the Year

Silver, Large Group Multimedia | 2010 


Young and the Wireless

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 

First Place, Best of the Web, Team Journalism | 2010